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A spectacular villa for sale on the beautiful island of Hydra!
€ 875,000.00
A two storey house in the Kala Pigadia region of Hydra Town, recently renovated (2006).
€ 380,000.00
A lovingly-restored 18th-century aristocratic mansion set atop a hillside immediately overlooking the quaint Hydra harbour
€ 1,550,000.00
A traditional Hydriot house in Kala Pigadia, just a few metres from the wells that are a well known landmark, and one of the few sources of water on Hydra.
€ 230,000.00
A small but attractive village style house in the Kiafa region of Hydra town.
€ 170,000.00
Close to the port, no steps, beautifully renovated...
€ 500,000.00
A good sized house near to Four Corners on Hydra in excellent condition - move in tomorrow.
€ 380,000.00
Two substantial house, one recently remodelled, with great views, just up from Four Corners.
€ 1,350,000.00
Impeccably finished and presented, the Pine Tree house is surely one of the finest villas currently for sale on the island.
€ 800,000.00