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Properties for Sale on Hydra Island, Greece...

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A lovely traditional house in Kamini, with a largegarden and fantastic sea views.
€ 590,000.00
A really unique and interesting house close to 4 Corners.
€ 800,000.00
A large house divided into three apartments close to the reservoir in Kala Pigadia
€ 400,000.00
A traditional house with sea views, in need to renovation
€ 400,000.00
A traditional two bed roomed house above the port with great outside spaces and lovely sea views...
€ 565,000.00
A charming modern bungalow set amongst trees and close to the sea on the island of Mytilene.
€ 330,000.00
A lovely traditional Hydra island house in an excellent position in Hydra town, close to the port.
€ 1,400,000.00
A piece of land inside the town planning limits, that can build up to 400m2.
€ 150,000.00
An attractive house with two bedrooms and a private terrace with sea views.
€ 440,000.00
An impressive building on the waterfront in Poros...
€ 600,000.00
Two apartments at the concrete stage, right on the water on the island of Poros
€ 180,000.00
A traditional village house in Poros town, very close to the sea front.
€ 150,000.00
A two storey house, close to Four Corners and Agios Antonis. With lots of original features, this is a great traditional house.
€ 450,000.00
A two bedroomed house very close to the sea in Mandraki.
€ 500,000.00
A building plot with great views, close to the church of Agios Nikolaos
€ Please Ask
A charming two bedroomed house, beautifully renovated.
€ 395,000.00

Property for sale on the Greek Island of Hydra... Please browse and contact us if you see anything you like!

These pages include a comprehensive, up to date list of the apartments, villas, traditional houses and plots of land currently for sale on the island of Hydra.

We are constantly finding new properties, so please let us know if you don't see what you are looking for. Let us know your requirements - budget, location (close to the sea, in town, secluded etc), the type of property you require...

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