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Properties for Sale on Hydra Island, Greece...

About Hydra
A Walk on Hydra

A walker's account of a perfect day on the island...

Hydra House Building

Theresa Verdi shares her experiences of building on the island...

A House on Hydra

Read about what makes houses on Hydra so special...

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Getting There

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A well built house in high Kamini, with gardens, in need of renovation
€ 230,000.00
A large house in need of renovation
€ 650,000.00
A substantial Hydra house, renovated with great care.
€ 650,000.00
A substantial 2 storey building with amazing views.
€ 350,000.00
A traditional house in need of renovation, no steps to consider.
€ 310,000.00
Two modern apartments very near the port, knocked into one.
€ 500,000.00
A good sized house, 2 minutes walking distance from the port.
€ 280,000.00
A traditional house in need of some updating...
€ 450,000.00

€ Please Ask
A very well presented apartment with two bedrooms near Four Corners
€ 300,000.00
A romantic house with splendid views, just one minutes walk from the sea...
€ 420,000.00
Modern open plan apartment with interesting features.
€ 370,000.00
A stunning historic house built in 1620
€ 950,000.00
A great building plot just yards from the sea inPlakes Vlichou
€ 350,000.00
Two magnificent ruins with land for sale in high Kamini. 

Can be sold together or separately.
€ 390,000.00
A beautiful three bed roomed house situated just a short distance from the port of Hydra, with lovely sea views.

Property for sale on the Greek Island of Hydra... Please browse and contact us if you see anything you like!

These pages include a comprehensive, up to date list of the apartments, villas, traditional houses and plots of land currently for sale on the island of Hydra.

We are constantly finding new properties, so please let us know if you don't see what you are looking for. Let us know your requirements - budget, location (close to the sea, in town, secluded etc), the type of property you require...

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